India Day seeks volunteers!


Intia-päivä or India Day is a mega event and a unique celebration of Indian culture, yoga, ayurveda, cuisine, film, tourism and the rich heritage of India in the heart of Helsinki. Organized by Suomi Intia Seura ryEmbassy of India in Helsinki and Indian regional associations in Finland, the event brings together the Finnish and Indian communities living in Finland to celebrate the spirit of living and working together.

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Volunteers are needed for a variety of roles before and during the event!

Volunteer roles

Before the event

Social media team — content creation

  • 2–3 people

  • workload approx 2-3 hours every week (maybe more sometimes)

Social media team — engagement and marketing

  • 3 people — one each for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

  • 15-20 minutes, 2-3 times a week

  • Promoting India Day related posts on various social media

  • Pushing news related to India Day to social media 

Culture team helpers 

  • make sure that auditions and preparations for programs go smoothly. this will need multiple people

  • Program assistant

  • Audio assistant

  • Video assistant

On the event day (+ one day before event):

Crowd management

  • Manage entry / exit of children at Pomppulinna

  • Manage general crowd behavior at the event

Food hygiene and guideline inspector

Culture assistants

  • Make sure that performers of next program are behind stage 10 minutes before scheduled start

  • Make sure that performers have been assigned dressing rooms and they know how to get to stage

  • Make sure that all performers of a program are together

  • Cater to some basic needs / help required by performers, e.g. water

  • Back stage coordination


  • Parking around the venue for stall owners

  • Logistics support for the event

  • Catering to needs of sponsors, stall owners during setup of stall and through out the day

  • Coordination of cleaning after the event

  • Coordination of stall setup, allotment etc one day before the event

  • Coordination with VIP guests on/off stage

Volunteer perks

  • Food coupons for the event day

  • Thank you certificate 

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