What is Volunteer Finland?

Volunteer Finland is a community, that provides a meeting point between people who are willing to volunteer, and organisations that need volunteers. It also offers services for organisations that want to outsource the management of their volunteers. Find us on Facebook.

Volunteering can bring economic and personal benefits to the individual and to the broader community. Often we think about volunteering as a charitable activity, such as helping schools and the elderly. But volunteering can also be for businesses and commercial activities, such as festivals and conferences.

Particularly through those commercial activities, there are great opportunities for networking and friend-finding; on-the-job skills improvement and training; integration of foreigners into local activities and culture; references for jobseekers; and community development.


Our Mission

To bring economic and personal benefits to the individual and to the broader community.

To support employment and job-seeking activities through:

  • networking
  • on-the-job skills improvement and training
  • local references.

To support integration of immigrants through:

  • friend-finding
  • involvement in local activities and culture
  • recognition of skills.

our aims

To promote opportunities for people to show their skills, and learn new ones.

To provide a central point where businesses, associations, event organisers, and others can find help to run activities that wouldn't be financially possible otherwise.

To provide organisations a service for consistent, quality volunteer training and management.

To support job-seeking and talent-finding for individuals and employers.


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